Who can apply?

MSMSF will award scholarships to students who meet the following criteria:

•  Enrolled as a full time, residential, non-correspondence student with a major in an allied healthcare field, including nursing and pre-med majors that will improve the delivery of health care to people.
•  Enrolled in a participating college, university, or educational program at the time the scholarship is presented in the United States.
• Has completed a financial aid application, such as the Free Application Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application, through their college financial aid office to determine financial need.
•  Applicants may be eligible for additional scholarships that are awarded bi-annually based on merit, financial need, and participation in the MSMSF Mentoring Program.
•  Demonstrates and maintains a grade point average of 3.0 or above.
•  Uses the scholarship award to pay for qualified educational expenses including tuition and fees, course-related expenses, books, supplies, and equipment.
•  Meets the United States lawful presence requirements.
•  Has three (3) letters of recommendation.
•  Is not related to any MSMSF trustee, officer, or donor.
•  Reapplies bi-annually for scholarship consideration. Students are eligible for up to four (4) years of financial support.
• The student must provide an attestation of good standing, have no criminal record, and provide a current academic transcript.

Please refer to the Application and Renewal Application Instructions link below for complete information.

We will select recipients based on the following guidelines:

• Provides a clearly defined path to achieve their educational goals in the health sciences programs.
• Financial need.
• The applicant’s demonstration of MSMSF’s core values of knowledge, leadership, integrity, creativity, and commitment.
• Involvement in leadership, school, and community activities.
• Integrity through demonstrated responsibility, work experience.
• Creativity by demonstrating their ability to be resourceful and innovative through their statement of goals and aspirations, overcoming obstacles, circumstances, or challenges.
• Personal references.

What is Required?

The following is required of scholarship recipients:


Notification submitted to the foundation of any changes in address, school enrollment, or other relevant information and submit a complete transcript when requested.

Events and Fundraising Activities

Participation in MSMSF annual events and fundraising activities.

Mentoring Activities

Participation in MSMSF mentoring activities

To support the students, we select:

•  MSMSF mentoring activities will be conducted either in-person or through social media.
•  Scholarship awards will be paid bi-annually directly to each recipient’s enrolled college financial aid office.

Interested in applying?

The following links will help you download the necessary forms and instructions.

If you are a current scholar, please use this form to start the re-application process for the upcoming semester.  Click Here